Clean Sip™ Water Filter Straw

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Clean Sip™ is truly a unique personal, portable, water filter. It uses the latest state-of-the-art technology in water filtration; a combination of three micro filters, activated charcoal, and a patented, high purity metal alloy consisting of two dissimilar metals that, once wet, creates an electrostatic charge that attracts contaminants and electroplates them onto the media through the process of Electro-Chemical Oxidation Reduction. This reduces such heavy metals as lead, mercury, hydrogen sulphide, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, barium in addition to chlorine, fluoride, giardia, e-coli, algae, fungus, scale and sediment. The Clean Sip™ Straw … is truly a welcomed addition to health conscious individuals who prefer to drink fresh, clean water anywhere, anytime! Great for the home, office, restaurants, hotels, or travel. It’s as simple as a sip through a straw! Long lasting too! Approximately five 8 ounce glasses a water a day for up to four to six months depending on the condition of the water. Technical Data This is an Ionic Water Purification System. The non-toxic, patented media inside the straw “acts like millions of little batteries giving off electric charges. These charges ionically transform molecules and heavy metals into insoluble salts which are then electroplated onto the media”, thereby removing them from the water through the process of Electro-Chemical Oxidation Reduction. Effectively reduces contaminants from water. Not intended for any other type of liquids, water only. Save Money The average American wastes over $400 every year on bottled water. As a nation we spend over one hundred billion dollars every year. Preserve our Environment •Producing, transporting and disposing of plastic bottles damages our environment. •24,080,000,000 plastic water bottles end up in American landfills every year. •17,000,000 barrels of oil were used to produce those bottles. •These toxins leached into our environment. That is 2,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide. TIP COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange
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